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Discount Car Rentals

Which is the rental car insurance coverage?

Usually, when you rent a car, the insurance includes your participation in case of an injury, even without fault on your part (you pay an amount that ranges between 500 € and 1300 €, depending on the size of the car).

With an additional cost, you can be exempt from this participation in any possible damage of the rental car paying NO participation, except in the case of damages to the upper and lower sections of the car, crystals, wheels and tires.

By paying a little extra cost, you enjoy an insurance coverage when it comes to tires, wheels, glasses, upper and lower section of the car (hail, various extreme weather phenomena etc.).

It should be noted that there are points and sections that are not covered by any insurance, such as the loss or damage of keys and locks of the car, damages to the wallpaper or child car seats, the accessories and the instruments of the car such as windscreen wipers, fuel cap, lost or stolen spare parts of the car (keys, tire iron, wheel trims), the loss of documents and registration plate, driving on non-asphalt roads or in contravention of road traffic laws, the wrong fuel supply, the damage of radio/CD player, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the costs of car towing, the personal belongings inside the car, the telephone costs, the overnight stays, the transport costs.